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Portable Restrooms

When nature calls, it doesn’t really matter where you are or how inconvenient it can be for you. Construction sites can employ a large amount of people that have to be accommodated. Going back and forth from the washroom to the work area can be time consuming, result in less productivity and cost the developer money in the long run. Never forget, those breaks add up and they can hurt the bottom line.

While seemingly simple enough, portable restroom service does require some planning and expertise. For instance, how many workers are there on site? Generally accepted ratios range between one portable unit available for every ten workers, sometimes though, depending on the nature, size and dimensions of the site, the ratio can be lower. Variables include things like how many visitors come to the site, work shifts and so on.

Our portable restroom service includes delivery, removal and maintenance. Again, there are no pre set numbers we can offer. These are all dependent on the nature of the site, amount of people present and work schedule. We provide regular weekly scheduled cleanings. Our regular cleanings include:

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