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Grease Trap Service

Grease trap maintenance is an integral part of any food based business. Whether you are the owner of a diner, a fine restaurant, the manager of a shopping mall food court or a school cafeteria, there is no doubt that you, like others in High Point will need grease trap maintenance and service. Grease traps are necessary for removing the harmful materials like oils and fats that come from the kitchen and keep them out of the municipal sewer lines. Most environmental laws require that grease traps work efficiently and that they are cleaned regularly. We at Piedmont Disposal & Recycling want to do our part, working with food establishments, to provide a healthy and sanitary dining experience.

It’s generally a good idea to clean grease traps monthly. If left unchecked, the end result could be clogged drainage systems, property damage and environmental impacts. We at Piedmont Disposal & Recycling want to take this opportunity to remind people to have their grease traps serviced at least once a month.

Generally we have a multistep approach to cleaning grease traps. Safety is always our prime concern, so we wear industry approved masks and gloves. After we remove the lid, we lay out flexible hoses that suck the waste out and bring it to our tanker. After removing the contents, we wash down the hard coagulated grease that has a tendency to accumulate around the container, then we clean any accessible screens and filters. Quick and easy, that is the Piedmont Disposal & Recycling way; you won’t even notice we were there in the first place. We are also proudly certified as a North Carolina Septage Management Firm.