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Paper Recycling

While we have a tendency to think of recycling strictly as the right “green” thing to do, there are actually many more real tangible benefits that come with using Piedmont Disposal & Recycling services for all of your paper recycling needs. True, respecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future is a good idea not only for your community but also for the future generations not yet born, it also makes sense economically. Not only do we want to take part in helping High Point’s homes and businesses do what’s right, we want to make it happen without burning a hole in their pocket.

No matter what business you are in and no matter how big or small your operation may be, there is no doubt that the vast majority of your waste will be paper related. Photocopiers, fax machines, file folders, displays as well as notepads and paper rolls begin to add up and they add up fast. In fact paper products are what offices consume the most. From packaging plants, to printing mills to retail and service orientated enterprises, Piedmont Disposal & Recycling has been at the forefront in delivering High Point’s businesses peace of mind. For instance, if you find yourself strapped for time or in a pinch for your recycling needs, we offer same day service if you get in touch with us before 10 AM. We understand that unforeseen events have a tendency to not only show up when least expected but also when least convenient. This is why we anticipate these instances with the diligence and professionalism our clients require.

So if you are looking for a no fuss, easy to use paper recycling service that will save you time, money and even space, then you have found it in Piedmont Disposal & Recycling. We promise to be the last company that you and your office will ever need for your business needs. So why not discover what countless satisfied customers already know and give us a call?